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Hydraulics & Hydrology


OKM has an extensive experience in the various aspects of Hydraulics and hydrologic (H & H) analysis. OKM's team members have an extensive experience in the areas of Stormwater Management, and including the utilization of GIS. For performing hydrologic and hydraulic studies and reports, OKM utilizes many computer models including HEC-HMS, HEC-1, TR-20, TR-55, SWMM, VAST, SWIRM, INTDRA and STORM Hydrologic models, and the HEC-2, HEC-RAS and HY8 hydraulic models. OKM engineers have also developed several specialized programs in-house to aid in the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, statistical analysis capabilities to aid in computer model calibration. OKM's engineering capabilities include performing hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for dam-break and inundation area analyses, flood studies, stream encroachments and bridges. OKM also has computerized their stormwater calculation procedures with several in-built quality control checks.
Hydrology and Hydraulic Services Include:
  Storm water Management
  Flood Studies
  Watershed Plans
  Dam Inspections
  Spillway Analysis
  Emergency Action Plans
  Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessments
  Dam Design
  Dam Break Analysis
  Stream Encroachment Permit Applications
  Flood Mitigation Plans
  Waterway Opening Analysis
  Stream bank Erosion Control
  Infiltration/Recharge Design
  Detention Basin Design
  Interior Drainage Studies
  Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  GIS Mapping
  Risk Assessments
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