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Modeling - Groundwater & Contaminant Transport


OKM's experience in two-and three dimensional groundwater and contaminant modeling has covered the areas of funded and nonfunded research and development of computer programs to site application and risk assessments.  OKM's engineers and scientists utilize well-known, regulatory-accepted computer models for evaluating, simulating and predicting the performance of hydro geologic regimes; designing optimal, cost-effective remediation systems; and evaluating the health risks associated with alternative remedial options

OKM's professionals routinely develop programs to perform both analytical and numerical analyses of groundwater flow and contaminant transport problems, including the use of finite difference, finite element and boundary element methods of analyses.  Some of the results of these simulations have been published and presented in both national and international and scientific journals.

OKM conducts a full range of assessments and utilizes state of the art modeling techniques, including multidimensional groundwater and surface water mass transport models; risk assessments; hydrologic analysis at existing or proposed sites. Though computational modeling is not always required for all remediation projects, it can provide a sound technical basis upon which to make significant financial and regulatory decisions.  OKM's approach is to perform computational modeling that is only warranted to provide the appropriate technical support for those decisions. 

Our Engineering Modeling Services Include:
bullet Permits and Agency Submissions
bullet Groundwater Resources Evaluation
bullet Permit Application for Groundwater use
bullet Saturated & Unsaturated Groundwater flow
bullet Modeling flow in Fractured & Porous media
bullet Environmental Impact Statement
bullet Remediation - Pump & treat Systems Design
bullet Wellhead Protection Zone Delineation
bullet Pump test Analysis & Aquifer parameters Determination
bullet Water balance & Landfill leachate generation Modeling
bullet Surface water & Groundwater flow Interaction Modeling

Sample Project:

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