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Geotechnical Engineering


Geotechnical Engineering has become a very important component of most engineering projects, and continues to pose various challenges to constructors. The challenges come in various forms, ranging from construction in areas with limited shoring options during excavations, restrictions on allowable vibrations, settlements, high water table, and construction over riverine areas, or under expansive soil conditions.

OKM's professional engineers and scientists have extensive experience in developing subsurface investigation program to achieve varying desired goals of geotechnical studies. OKM helps clients evaluate the subsurface condition to establish the most suitable and cost-effective foundation alternative. Effective sampling, careful technical review of subsurface soil material from the project site, and in-depth analysis of local geology provide the springboard for OKM's geotechnical studies. Using the compiled data, we provide the most cost-effective design solutions while addressing the risk of poor performance of foundations, floors, retaining wall, slopes and pavements.

OKM offers exceptionally strong analytical capabilities. We have established a comprehensive library of analytical computer programs, ranging from conventional slope stability, settlement, static and dynamic response of deep and shallow foundations, and shoring-related routines. OKM also develops proprietary software and spreadsheets to perform a variety of engineering computations and analyses. These software programs and applications are not developed for resale, but are utilized by OKM personnel for a routine data processing and analyses.


Our Geotechnical Engineering Services Include:

bullet Building & Highway Structures Foundation Design
bullet Retaining Wall & Reinforced Earth Structures Design
bullet Subsurface Exploration & Characterization
bullet Expansive Soil Evaluation & Heave Prediction
bullet Geotechnical Investigation
bullet Roadway & Pavement Design
bullet Slope Stability Analysis & Embankment Structures Design
bullet De-watering studies & Pump Tests
bullet Water/Monitoring wells Design/Installation
bullet Landfill Siting & Design
bullet Foundation Structures Inspection
bullet Construction Monitoring & Trench Safety Report
bullet Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing
bullet Distress Evaluation Studies
bullet Claims Resolution & Litigation Support

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