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Building Apartments at 1417, 1421, 1425 & 1427 Caddo St., Dallas, TX–Geotechnical Study

A Phase I and a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was performed for the above referenced property.  The objective of this Phase I Environmental Site Assessment per ASTM E1527 Standards, is to assess the historical and current environmental condition of four properties that are located together and directly across the street from AT&T and SWBELL.  The four lots are essentially undeveloped with the exception of the property at 1417 Caddo Street, which has a building on it.  The properties are planned sites for future building constructions

 The Mission Trail Enhancement on FM 258 (Socorro Road) – Phase II

The Environmental Assessment (EA) performed covered the entire trail that was to be used at that time for the Mission Trail Enhancement project, and including the property at 9095 Alameda, which is now, no longer available.  Due to the unavailability of the property at 9095 Alameda, which was to be used as a visitors’ center, a new property was sought to replace the unavailable property.  Consequently, a re-evaluation of the original EA report is required to integrate the proposed replacement property with the rest of the Mission Trail Enhancement project.  Therefore, the purpose of this Report is to document the potential justification for a “categorical exclusion” for this property.

 Permit Modification from TCEQ for Clint Solid Waste Landfill, El Paso, TX

The services were performed on behalf of the City of El Paso Municipal Services to install a new gas-monitoring well. This new well was to replace one of the existing methane gas wells and its probes that were destroyed.  The destroyed gas-monitoring probe (GMP-20) has been rendered inoperable, and permit modification was necessitated as a result of the proposed replacement GMP well and de-commissioning of the destroyed well.  A similar application was sought for several gas monitoring probes at the McCombs Landfill.  Recommendations were also proposed through the use of passive gas venting wells to reduce the methane level concentrations at one of the GMP.

 Permit Application for Petroleum Substance Management Facility, Ft. Bliss, TX

The services involved the design of a Bio-Cell and consequently, permit application from TCEQ for registration for stationary facilities which will treat, store, or otherwise manage nonhazardous petroleum-substance contaminated media generated as a result of a release from an underground or above ground storage tank.  The registration being sought for in this application is a Class A Facility.  The services were performed on behalf of Department of Army in Fort Bliss, Texas.

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