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OKM Engineering Inc. (OKM) is a full service geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering consulting firm located in Dallas, with branch offices in Arlington and El Paso, Texas.  OKM was established in May of 2002, with the basic philosophy of providing new and innovative ways of solving engineering problems. Our personnel have extensive experience in the design and construction quality control of numerous projects in several states in the United States, including Texas, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.  Our state of the art capabilities in computer hardware and software can meet any project needs.

We are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our clients by providing prompt, responsive service. Our excellent professional relationship with regulatory personnel, and our ability to quickly comprehend your geotechnical and environmental design needs combine to make OKM Engineering the best choice for your geo-environmental and civil engineering services.

      OKM Engineering, Inc. is happy to serve your every need

Contact Information
Telephone: 214-941-9412
FAX : 214-941-9445
Postal address :112 S Madison Ave Dallas, TX 75208


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